Angle of attack – the key to straighter drives

Many clients that I see struggle with hitting their driver straight, and one of the biggest problems I see is caused by a poor angle of attack.  To understand angle of attack and what it can cause we must consider that the golf club is swung on an arc. In general, a player who hits  to far down on the golf ball will leave the clubface pointing to the right at impact, this  is usually coupled with a swing path that is moving to the right through impact. Therefore causing shots to travel to the right of their target

The opposite can be said for a player who hits to far up on the golf ball. This will cause the clubface to point to the left of the target and generally the path will be to far to the left.  These shots will start left of the target.

We want to an angle of attack that allows the clubface and path to match in order to allow each individual player to hit straighter shots.

A simple drill to change your angle of attack is to move your ball position. If you are someone who hits down on the golf ball and see shots going to the right, move your ball position forward, towards the lead foot. This will change your angle of attack to be more upwards and allow the clubface more time to square up into impact.  In contrast, moving the ball further back in your stance will benefit a golfer who is hitting to far up on the ball.

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