About Martin Chalcraft

Martin turned professional later than most in 2001 after spending time in India learning about Indian philosophy meditation and classical music.


After coming back to the UK Martin spent several year years competing and working in Sussex and the South Region and the last 7 years teaching full time in North London.


Martin met, worked with and played with some of the best professionals in the game and have attended golf schools run by Mac O’Grady.

The M.O.R.A.D schools have helped me to better understand the mechanics of the golf swing and short game which in turn helps me to improve your game.


Some golfers want to Understand how the joints of the body work.  Many people put their bodies in positions where the joints can’t work correctly.  This can lead to painful and faulty movements. The way Martin coach will help all golfers willing to develop further. The game as a whole can be Improved immensely.


When needed we can use the GC2 Launch Monitor which will add a variety of insight into you ball flight and swing tendencies along with the 3D K-Vest system and SAM PuttLab technology.


So, if you’re new to golf then you are in good hands and if you are looking to advance further and unlock the mysteries of your game then come and book in for a lesson or an initial Player MOT.

Prices & Booking Info

Lesson TypePrice
60 Minute - Studio£70
30 Minute - Studio£40
60 Minute SAM Puttlab£70
+ £10 Per Person Sharing

To book with Martin please use the information provided below

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01277 205 809

[email protected]