Get Fitted to Lower Your Score

Get Fitted to Lower Your Score

Matching your swing to the right equipment when custom fitting is crucial to improving your game.

In order to improve your game, we recommend custom fitting your golf clubs. We all need clubs to be specialised to our own genetic make-up and ability in order to lower your scores which could in time lead to lowering your handicap as well.

In day-to-day life we have custom fitted product all around us. From having the correctly fitted shoes for comfort to adjusting the car seat to give you the safest driving position, we understand the benefits of correctly fitted equipment and that’s why we add this to our service.

As used on tour, we are utilising the very best technology in order to find the best fit for you, coupled with our PGA fitter’s extensive knowledge in converting data to the correct equipment, this is the way we recommend buying golf clubs.

Our use of a Trackman launch monitor allows us to analyse ball flight data such as swing speed, swing path, smash factor, spin rate, launch angle and so much more.

Our fitters will recommend the best specifications for you to improve your golf with no bias for any brand, the proof is in the data. Our aim is to get you fitted with equipment that ensuring to lower your scores resulting in greater enjoyment form this game.

“Our Am Is Your Game”


Each Swing is Individual… So why aren’t your clubs? 

At UK Golf Academy we specialise in Custom Fitting with a State-of-the-Art Custom Fitting Studio. We are able to fit any club from Drivers to Putters across the biggest brands in golf. If you are not set on any specific brand, we have all the major brands to compare on site ready to fit to your spec.

With TrackMan for club fitting and Sam Putt Lab for putter fittings, we use the best tools for gathering your ball data.

We pride ourselves on our friendly service and wide range of products at internet competitive price, this means you get the best of both. Great face to face service at competitive prices.

For more information on our Custom Fitting Studio or any of the Brands we can Fit please see the links below.

Alternatively, to speak to a member of our Custom Fit team please call 01277 205 809.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Once you are booked in, you will receive a confirmation email which explains the finer details. During this session, our PGA Professional will use the latest TrackMan launch technology to analyse your ball flight in order to provide you with a wide variety of options from a range of brands unless you have a specific one in mind.

Our PGA Professional will then work closely with you during the session to achieve the optimum club configuration for your stature, swing and ball flight for optimum distance, making sure to give every club in your bag a purpose.

Your clubs will be ordered after the recommended specification has been confirmed with all alterations taking place at the time of build.

If we can’t recommend anything better than your current equipment it will show in the data.

We care about giving you our honest advice with our ultimate goal to improve your golf.

What Brands Do We Fit?

Listed below are some of the Brands we are able to fit at Brentwood Golf Range or at a National Fitting Location. For More information on each of the brands below please click the logo.

How To Book

If you are interested in booking a custom fit at either a Titleist National Fitting Centre or with us at Brentwood Golf Range, Please use the contact details or form provided.

01277 205 809

[email protected]