FREE Golf Pride Grip on Your 7 Iron but which grip should you go for?

FREE Golf Pride Grip on Your 7 Iron for the first 24 customers

Different grips offer varied performance benefits, which is why you should pay close attention to which ones you choose for your clubs. It’s also true that you should come and feel a few in person, plus there are other factors you must consider.

Grip size
Size is arguably the most important factor to consider with everything from undersize to jumbo available, as well as additional layers of tape. If a grip’s too small there’s a danger your hands will become too active, which can lead to hooks or pulls. If your grips are too thick your hands might not release effectively, causing blocks, pushes or slices.

Surface texture
If you look at your grips you’ll notice they have patterns designed to offer either a smoother or rougher feel. Which one you opt for depends on what you find the most comfortable when hitting shots.

Playing conditions
Both the weather and your hands’ perspiration will also affect your grip choice. Generally speaking, if you play in wet weather or have hands that are prone to perspiring, we’d recommend trying moisture control grips with rougher textures.

One grip we’d certainly recommend trying is the Golf Pride MCC Align that has a raised ridge along the bottom that encourages consistent hand placment on every shot to aid a square clubface.

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