The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer and Swing DNA system has been the industry’s leading fitting system at local golf club level since its introduction in 2009. As the shaft itself measures all our data, the fitter doesn’t have to own expensive cameras or lasers – so you can be fitted by a local golf professional.


There are now more than 1,200 Mizuno Swing DNA centres across Europe – all able to find your unique iron specification. In just 10 minutes Mizuno’s Swing DNA system can shortlist the best matched 3 irons shafts – from over 40 options. With another 20 minutes you can test the outcomes and identify the set make up best suited to your unique Mizuno Swing DNA. Just 5-7 working days parts allowing (for most retailers) later your unique iron set can be ready for despatch from our assembly line in Scotland.

What is Swing DNA

Take Three Swings

The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer is a real shaft that can be attached to any of Mizuno’s demo heads – when you hit a real golf ball. Within the Optimizer is a series of strain gauges that measures the sequence of forces your swing created by your swing. In just 3 swings the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer can measure everything we need to know – without checking or measuring the ball flight.

Measure critical factors

The Optimizer’s screen displays 5 data points that create your Swing DNA. The readings are all taken from the shaft rather than the ball – so there’s no pressure to make perfect contact. Your readings for a pure strike and a miss-hit will be the same. The loads your ‘different’ swings place on the shaft are incredibly consistent.

Recommend custom setup

From your Mizuno DNA – we can shortlist 3 suitable shafts for you to test (from over 50 possibilities). The system can’t factor in your personal preferences for feel and sound – that’s down to you. Though it’s a much easier process to make a personal choice from 3 well matched options. From our experience the right shaft could find you 20-30 yards in wasted distance as well as improving your consistency.

Where Can I Get Fitted?

Brentwood Golf Range

As a Mizuno DNA Fitting Centre we are provided with the Mizuno fitting tools and a variety of Mizuno heads in different custom set ups along with several shafts, in the iron fitting cart alone we have 34 heads and 60 shafts! Fitting sessions are conducted by a PGA Professionals to a Mizuno recommended procedure.


At Brentwood Golf Range we use TrackMan and Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor Technology, as used by the world’s leading Golfers. This technology is state of the art and used by many major brands including Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Srixon, TaylorMade etc.


The cost of Fittings at Brentwood Golf Range are as follows:-


£40 for 1 Hour – Refunded in full if purchase over £150. If purchase is under £150 half of the Fitting Fee will be refunded.


£70 for 2 Hours – Refunded in full if purchase over £500. If purchase is under £500 half of the Fitting Fee will be refunded.


Please call 01277 205809 to book.


We fit the most up to date current products from our preferred suppliers and our prices our competitive with all major online retailers. Please see our individual product pages for our competitive prices.


Please note during a 1 Hour Fitting you may only be fitted for one of the following:- Driver, Irons, Fairways and Hybrids or Wedges. Please book a 2 hour Fitting if you require 2 or more clubs to be Fitted. Putter Fittings to be booked separately.

How To Book

If you are interested in booking a custom fit with us at Brentwood Golf Range, Please use the contact details or form provided.

01277 205 809

[email protected]