PING Fitting at Thonock Park in Gainsborough, PING’S newly named European Fitting Centre

UK Golf Academy and PING Europe both believe in fitted equipment and pride themselves on customer service. UK Golf Academy will guide you through the process and get you booked in for a fitting at the PING European Fitting Centre at Thonock Park in Gainsborough, between us will have you playing the latest and most suited PING equipment.

UK Golf Academy are working closely with PING to give you the ultimate fitting experience. Whether you are wanting to travel to our site in Brentwood, Essex or to Thonock Park in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire to be fit by one of PING Fitting Technicians, we will make sure you end up with clubs that are suited to you, and an experience not to be forgotten.

Formally known as Gainsborough Golf Club the club has been renamed Thonock Park, Gainsborough, everything else is the same. Same place, same address, just a different name:

PING European Fitting Centre, Thonock Park, Belt Road, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 1PZ

Your 75 minute fitting experience at PING’s newly renovated, state of the art facility offers three undercover VIP fitting bays where you can test and be custom fit by a team of highly skilled and experienced PING Fitting Technicians for the latest PING golf equipment.
Although PING will fit you, your purchase can only be made through an authorised PING account holder like ourselves.

Without a face-to-face, dynamic custom fitting, purchasing golf clubs can be a lottery. As buying golf clubs is a specialist purchase, both UK Golf Academy and PING recommend a fitting before buying any golf equipment.

1. Optimise performance – there are thousands of potential specifications to maximise the performance of a golf club; don’t guess which are right for you and miss out on increased distance and improved accuracy.
2. Optimise ball flight – if you’re hitting it too low or too high, you’re likely to be missing out on important distance.
3. Improve consistency – whether you’re a Tour Player or a beginner golfer, everyone will shoot lower scores by being more consistent and it starts with your equipment being custom fit for your personal game.
4. Purchase with confidence – a custom fitting will give you the confidence to know that you’ve tested all of the options and you’re now investing in equipment that is going to take your game to a new level.

The fitting at PING European Fitting Centre, Thonock Park in Gainsborough is one that is easy to be arranged. Simply fill in the form at the foot of the page and we will contact you with availability.
Once you have had your fitting, we can arrange a quote and once approved, the build will commence and the clubs will ship as soon as the product is built by PING.


Each custom fitting takes up to 75 minutes and incurs a £25 charge

This is suited for golfers looking for multiple product offerings, as well as a complete 14-club fitting experience.

Call us on 01277 205809 to check availability. Shipping to your home address will be free of charge on purchases above £300, shipping will be £20 on purchases below £300.

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The Process

1- The Interview

The first step is the Interview Process, during which the fitter identifies your current ball flight tendencies, equipment specifications, likes and dislikes of your current equipment, and your needs and preferences from new equipment. The interview process is ongoing to ensure that your goals are being met through each of the remaining steps.

2 - Static Fitting

The second step, the Static Fitting, can be performed online with Web-Fit, our online fitting program. For an iron fitting, your height and wrist-to-floor measurement are used to calculate your static Iron Color Code (lie angle) and shaft length, and your hand dimensions are used to calculate your static Grip Color Code, or grip thickness.

3 - Dynamic Swing Test

The Dynamic Swing Test is next, during which you hit balls from an impact board with special tape on the sole of an iron. When the club hits the board, it leaves marks on the tape that help the fitter understand how your setup and swing affect the position of the club head at impact.

4 - Ball Flight Analysis

The most important step in the process is Ball Flight Analysis. During this step, the fitter will utilize a variety of clubs with slightly different specifications to isolate each fitting variable and determine the combination of Color Code, club length, shaft type and flex, club model and grip size that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your desired ball flight.

How To Book

If you are interested in booking a custom fit at either the Ping National Fitting Centre or with us at Brentwood Golf Range, please use the contact details or form provided.

01277 205 809

[email protected]