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Srixon Z F85 Fairway


Available Lofts: 15º, 18º  (RH/LH)

This product is also available in Custom Fit
Please Click Here for information on Srixon Custom Fit

Brands:: Srixon
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Our most advanced Fairway Wood yet, the Srixon Z F85 features a tour preferred look and profile. It promotes a powerful, penetrating trajectory that better players demand from the fairway and the tee.





Additional information

Loft Option

3 Wood 15*, 4 Wood 17*, 5 Wood 19*

Shaft Option

Miyazaki Kaula Kiri 5 (R,S), Miyazaki Kaula Kiri 6 (R,S), Miyazaki Kaula Kori 6 (R,S,X), Miyazaki Kaula Mizore 5 (R,S), Miyazaki Kaula Mizore 6 (R,S), Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 5 (R,S), Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 6 (R,S), Miyazaki Kosuma Black 6 (S,X), Miyazaki Kosuma Black 7 (S), Miyazaki Kosuma Blue 6 (S,X), Miyazaki Kosuma Blue 7 (S), Miyazaki Kosuma Silver 5 (S), Miyazaki Kosuma Silver 6 (S)

Shaft Flex

Regular (R), Stiff (S), X-Stiff (X)

Shaft Length

Standard, +1/4", +1/2", +3/4", +1 ", -1/4", -1/2", -3/4", -1 "

Grip Option

Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Blue Midsize, Lamkin UTx Black, Lamkin UTx Red, Golf Pride Titleist Tour Velvet Cord, Golf Pride Titleist Tour Velvet 360°, Golf Pride Tour Velvet Midsize, Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Red, Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Red Midsize, Gold Pride Decade Multi-Compound Blue, Lamkin UTx Blue

Grip Thickness Options

Standard (1 Layer), +1 Layer Of Tape, +2 Layers Of Tape, +3 Layers Of Tape

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