Pros Tip By Scott Fletcher

PGA Professional Tip of the Week – Body Alignment – Shoulders By Scott Fletcher

Many golfers believe that the alignment of the feet is the most important aspect of body alignment. From my experience, I don’t see that being the case.

The alignment of the shoulders has a much greater bearing on the swing path the golf club will be taking at impact, which can affect the curl on the ball.

Having a neutral foot alignment definitely can be advantageous, but certainly not something to be obsessed over. Work hard on your shoulder alignment for more noticeable results.

Hold a golf club across your chest and have a friend check where it is pointing (or use a mirror). Is it pointing straight?

I would bet that if the club is left of target you could slice the ball and vice versa. Use this simple tip next time you’re practicing and see if a different shoulder alignment helps your shots.

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