SM7 Fitting with SureFit System

UK Golf Academy are privileged to be one of very few to have the SureFit SM7 wedge fitting system. As Advanced Fitters for Titleist, the selection of shafts and heads in both Left and Right Hand guarantees you’ll get the best possible fitting.

SM7 SureFit wedges incorporate an adjustable hosel to accurately fine-tune loft/lie without the use of a loft/lie machine.

  • SM7 SureFit hosel settings are similar to metal woods
  • Adjustments work in 1° loft/lie increments (like hybrids)
  • For lie angles from 2° up to 1° flat, set the 2nd ring to ‘STD’ and then use the traditional letters and numbers
  • To achieve 2° flat, set the 2nd ring to ‘FLAT’ and set the letters and numbers to any of the four 1° flat settings
  • Flipping the 2nd ring to ‘FLAT’ makes the lie 1° flatter than the letters & numbers would indicate in ‘STD’
  • Loft settings will be the same as metal woods (D-1 = -1°, A-1 = STD, D-4 = +1°, etc.)

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